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Who Are the Greys?

The question of the “Greys”, despite the innumerable accounts of abductions, experiences and sightings, has never been satisfactorily answered. Whether the phenomenon of the Greys with the accompanying stories of abductions, micro chipping and genetic experiments, is a real and physical one or an expression of an unconscious that is common to all humans, an objective answer has not come to light for as long as it has been going on.  The idea that other aliens might be humanoid is of course a little easier to accept considering our human bias, rather than the idea of creepy bug like grey beings from another planet. The idea that humans themselves are a genetically engineered species not entirely native to this planet, especially considering our maladaptive approach to existence, again not too hard to imagine or find logical. But the Greys? Few if any of the explanations offered up, nor any first hand accounts as intriguing as they might be, have been particularly satisfactory in terms of explaining what is going on. The whole grey alien thing is creepy at best and nightmare inducing otherwise.

Great interview by Richard D. Hall about the Greys and who and what they might be.

According to Steven Greer, this phenomenon of the “greys” may be one where the “aliens” are actually Programmed Life Forms, PLFs, and are just another military psy-op. They’re not aliens at all. Rather they are man made products of the all too familiar and all too earthly black projects that exist on this planet.

On the other hand, there is no good reason I have seen that justifies accepting Steven Greer and his story, in terms of the big picture, at face value.  The idea of the greys phenomenon being PLFs is an interesting one, and Greer tries to make it a comforting one, even though it is not.

So is Greer right and the ‘Greys’ are just another military psy-op? Or is Greer just a disinformer, working with another agenda, releasing information to the public, some of which is true but also some of which is dangerously misleading?

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