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Who Are the Greys?

The question of the “Greys”, with the innumerable accounts of abductions, experiences and sightings, is one that lingers. With new research and changing perspectives possible answers have materialized, some conclusions can be tentatively reached. Some opinions have suggested that the phenomenon is an expression of an unconscious that is common to all humans while others hold that stories of and witnesses to abductions, along with proof of physical implants and the implication of genetic experiments, point to the phenomenon being a very real and physical one.

David Jacobs, PhD, after spending almost forty years studying the abduction phenomenon and conducting hypnotic regression on abductees, has concluded that the phenomenon is quite real as is the agenda behind it. He maintains that there is a hybridization agenda whereby alien / human combination hybrid species is being bred and integrated into society. Based on his research, he will go so far as to say there are hybrids living and walking among humans. He also speculates that these grey beings involved are not the architects themselves of any agenda but merely workers, order takers, and that the insect like beings that abductees describe as part of their experience on a ufo or craft of some kind, are the true aliens. Basically he thinks they are a synthetic life form of some kind, a robot.

Nigel Kerner also has a theory about who or what the greys might be.He speculates also that they may be artificial life of some kind, robots in effect, created by a civilization they have long since outlived.

Great interview by Richard D. Hall with two of Nigel Kerner’s research assistants about the Greys and who and what they might be.



According to Steven Greer, this phenomenon of the greys may be one where the aliens are actually Programmed Life Forms, PLFs, and are just another military psy-op. They’re not aliens at all. Rather they are man made products of the all too familiar and all too earthly black projects that exist on this planet.

On the other hand, there is no good reason I have seen that justifies accepting Steven Greer and his story, in terms of the big picture, at face value.  The idea of the greys phenomenon being PLFs is an interesting one, and Greer tries to make it a comforting one, even though it is not.

So is Greer right and the ‘Greys’ are just another military psy-op? Or is Greer just a disinformer, working with another agenda, releasing information to the public, some of which is true but also some of which is dangerously misleading?



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