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The Phoenix Lights

What has been termed the Phoenix Lights happened in 1997 when a huge UFO, an object the size of many football fields, passed over Phoenix, Arizona between about 5:30pm until about 2:00am and was witnessed by at least ten thousand people. Despite being witnessed by at least ten thousand people, it did not at first get the attention it deserved. One councilwoman, Frances Barwood, who didn’t buckle under pressure to ignore it, helped in a huge way to make that change, as did  Dr. Lynne Kitei who wrote the book The Phoenix Lights and made this documentary. Many witnesses are interviewed in this documentary and Edgar Mitchell is given some air time as well.

Something else really interesting about this story is that Phoenix is bordered on the southwest by the Estrella mountain range or Star Mountains. The native American legends around these mountains involve UFOs and other dimensions and have been described as some sort of stargate or place where dimensions interface.

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