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NATO Tracking UFOs?

NATO Tracking UFOs

In the third part of Richard Hall’s recent show he gives an update to his 2014 film UFOs and NATO. In that film Hall exposes the human mutilation coverup that is ongoing while the animal mutilation phenomenon actually does receive limited attention and coverage, a point which raises not just the question of who is responsible for all of these mutilations but exactly what and how much do NATO / government agencies know.

In this segment Hall presents his investigation into a military facility in South Wales which is claimed, according to Hall’s source, to be targeting UFOs. New information on the history and layout of the facility reveals an MOD cover up about it’s real purpose. For instance the assertion that this facility is just another Trident communications system seems questionable since if this were the case the masts would need to be 1000 – 1500 feet high, while according to Hall’s calculations they are only 44 feet high. Hall’s military source, in fact, says that it is a directed energy system meant to bring down ufos. Combined with this same source’s assertion that there is foreknowledge on the part of these government agencies in terms of the where and when of certain ufo activity, this could be a very significant discovery which could confirm that NATO is running a UFO targeting programme.