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David Icke and the Reptilians – A Closer Look

Another great installment from Richard D. Hall and Andrew Johnson get into the topic of David Icke, who as so many of us know can be so inspiring as a speaker and as a researcher. David Icke has spent more than twenty years researching and exposing the machinations behind the power structures of world, in an evidence based way for the most part. Many of the conclusions he comes to  can be reached independently if one chooses to examine the facts.
The one sticking point when it comes to the logic of Icke’s arguments is his notion of a shapeshifting reptilian species of alien which holds enormous power over the human race. He maintains that members of royal families and other so called elites can and do shapeshift from their human form into a reptilian one and then back again. He also maintains that this reptilian element in terms of human society is a  major force when it comes to the injustices and power imbalances with which the human species lives on this planet.
In short it gets pretty dark and seemingly pretty weird and this idea is meant to provide some insight into the problems of the world. I am a very open minded person but I’m also the kind of person where I need real documented and / or physical evidence. I need to see this to believe it and I have never have seen any evidence that what he is talking about is the objective truth. Not to say it doesn’t exist but as far as I can tell Icke does not provide it. I’m also the kind of person who ignores or sets things aside in my mind if they don’t make sense or I don’t believe, until I have time to look into the matter or the answer lands in my path. So I was excited to find that Hall’s episode is on this specific topic.
Richard Hall has taken the time to examine the history of Icke’s work, when exactly he started talking about reptilians, his work up until that point and afterwards. He also gets into some of the people Icke references and relies on in his work, Credo Mutwa and Arizona Wilder being two notable examples. Hall and Johnson apply a more critical eye to Icke’s work in terms of the ideas of reptilians and shapeshfting without detracting from what he has accomplished.

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