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NATO Tracking UFOs?

NATO Tracking UFOs

In the third part of Richard Hall’s recent show he gives an update to his 2014 film UFOs and NATO. In that film Hall exposes the human mutilation coverup that is ongoing while the animal mutilation phenomenon actually does receive limited attention and coverage, a point which raises not just the question of who is…

Grant Cameron UFO Disclosure Interview June 2017

grant cameron ufo disclosure

Interview with Grant Cameron, long time UFO / disclosure researcher, about the nature of disclosure, the way information is released to the public, the fact of misinformation and disinformation in the area of disclosure. Great to hear from Cameron who has been researching this topic for decades, and his perspective on present indications of disclosure…

Recent Trips to Antarctica Spark Curiosity

Great interview by Dark Journalist with Joseph Farrell concerning the recent trips made by certain notable individuals, John Kerry, Buzz Aldrin, Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, to Antarctica. The reasons given in the mainstream for these trips – concern with climate change, Russian political and diplomatic interest in the region, etc., are unsatisfying…

Ariel Phenomenon – Mass UFO Sighting – Then and Now

mass ufo sighting

In 1994, at the Ariel school close to Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 62 children witnessed the landing of a saucer shaped UFO and described sometimes one, sometimes two beings along with the craft. Within days interested parties arrived to interview the children, including John Mack the Harvard medical school psychiatrist who was one of the leading authorities…